Lisa & James elope to Scotland to get married on Skye



Lisa & James travelled to Scotland from Chicago to elope in Skye.

The plans had been in place for some time. We were all good to go. Lisa & James had made the long journey from Chicago to get married on Skye, the sail to the ceremony spot was booked and the marriage time was confirmed.

The weather on the Isle of Skye had it’s own ideas though and it became pretty clear the day before that we were going to have to roll with the changes.

Between Lisa & James, Humanist Celebrant Penelope & myself we arranged to find a new spot for their ceremony and bring everything forward by and hour so they could be married before the weather came in.

You’ll see for yourself below but we were pretty glad that we did so.

As their ceremony was finishing the weather came crashing in. What else would you do at that point? Give in? Not Lisa & James. We went exploring.

What an adventure. It felt like a monsoon at times but all was forgiven as we heated up by an open fire to finish the day.

Such a pair of troopers. Congratulations Lisa & James.

Nice to meet and work with Humanist Celebrant Penelope from Humanist Society Scotland Ceremonies.

Lovely ceremony 👌🏻.

Thanks to my extra special assistant and witness extraordinaire Linda.

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