I think that the photography of your day is one of the most important things to consider when you are planning your wedding.

Ok, so I know I would say that but it's the photographs that record the day. From the big parts through to many things that you may not even see on the day.

My entire approach is based on capturing those moments and memories - not just pretty pictures. Whenever you look back at them I want you to remember exactly how you felt at the time. Like the way a song makes you feel or a certain scent reminds you of a particular time in your life.

Each couple have a completely unique day and I shoot to reflect that. Some are very romantic and keen for extra time alone together while others just want to party. I photograph the day the way it happens for you.

To me, wedding photography is so much more than just being there with a camera. It’s telling the story of your day through the camera lens, making photographs that show real moments and emotions. 

It’s a huge responsibility and it’s one that I enjoy. 

I put a lot of time and effort into what I do and love working with couples who appreciate and understand how hard I work for them. For me, it’s an honour to be there on such a special day.

I count many couples as friends after photographing their day, and love hearing how much the memories mean to them years later.

If this sounds good to you then get in touch and we can catch up for a coffee/beer/wine. I think it's so important to do this because it gives us a chance to meet each other and make sure we can work well together. It also gives you the chance to see full day examples of my work.



As important as your pictures are, I think that the most important thing is to enjoy your wedding day. To that end I'll do everything in my power to make sure that the photography portion is relaxed and enjoyable.

Sure, I'll need some time with both of you to create some beautiful portraits. As long as we can get a minimum of 20 minutes or so of uninterrupted time to do this, then the rest of your day is your own to be with the people closest to you. I like to keep the portrait sessions short enough so that you get a little break alone and have plenty of time to enjoy your friends and family.

If you wish to have some family group pictures then it's important to consider the time needed for that as well. I've had years of experience with this and I've managed to hone this important part of the day to make it as efficient as possible. I have a tick list that I can send on so we'll have it planned beforehand.

I've given an example timeline below to show you how I would usually suggest working.



I usually start coverage of preparations around 90 minutes before the ceremony (venue and travel time dependant).  This allows plenty of time to get some great images and for you all to be used to the camera being around.

After the ceremony I'd usually photograph any requested bridal party and family portraits. We'll have this all arranged beforehand which takes the pressure off you and allows your guests to get back and enjoy the party.

I'd then recommend that you go straight to your reception and enjoy a glass of something with your guests.

The light quality on your wedding day may be the last thing that you are thinking about right now but light is the most important thing in photography. The best time for portraits is closer to sunset. In Scotland this usually falls around dinner time. It can be more than worth missing the last couple of bites of dessert to do a 15 minute portrait session at sunset. It also gives you a little break with each other.


Example of a 9 hour day

12:00 Begin Coverage

1:30 Ceremony

2:30 Bridal Party & Family Photographs

3:00 Drinks Reception

5:00 Cake Cutting/Speeches/Dinner

7:30 Some quick extra portraits

7:45 Sunset (time of year dependant)

8.00 Evening Reception