Hi, I’m Andrew.

I’m a hugely passionate photographer who believes that wedding photographs and the memories that they capture are massively important.

I'm not in this to win competitions, awards or Instagram likes. I do it because I love what I create for the couples I work with.

I love the responsibility that comes with the trust you put in me to capture your day.

I’m from Glasgow, Scotland and am still based there most of the year. I will use just about any excuse in the book to travel though, so if you have a wedding or elopement planned somewhere interesting then get in touch and we’ll see if we can make it work.

I love getting to know couples who live adventurously, are crazy about each other and are just good people.  


My work

Although photographing weddings is by far my favourite, I've shot lots of commercial work. 

From billboard adverts for international companies to productions stills for movie and TV, portraits of Hollywood A-listers, stylised food shoots for top restaurants and a thousand things more. I've even managed to stage manage a helicopter landing onto a yacht from a little boat in the most magnificent scenery imaginable. If you want to get me talking for 3 hours, just ask ;-) 

You can see some of my commercial work at this link www.andrewraephotographer.com


The back story

I don’t enjoy having my picture taken. Of the two pictures of me on this site I’d much rather show you the top one than the bottom.

I drink A LOT of tea and coffee and love to dine out. I enjoy a meal washed down with a bottle or two of wine and putting the world to rights over a few beers.

I love getting out exploring, staring at the stars and try not to take anything for granted.

I spend my life in a constant state of wonder at the universe and our tiny little portion of it.

I’m also a keen runner in training for my next marathon. 

BRAND NEW UPDATE FOR 2019 - We just got married! :-) The love of my life Linda just made a very bold choice and decided to keep me.

How I ended up here

I'm told I have had a camera attached to me since I was too young to remember but it took "a moment of madness" (quote from family and friends at the time) at work, on an unremarkable Thursday morning in December 2002, to start me on my professional photography journey.

I was sitting in the comfort of an office based career and just couldn't settle. It just wasn't for me. 

Two hours later I was in Trailfinders and had booked an open ended round the world flight ticket leaving in January...

Although I had no way of realising it at the time, the places and experiences I was about to surround myself with, would go on to have a profound effect on my life and career.

I spent a year travelling and managed to circle the globe. I saw some amazing places and met some incredible people, all the while photographing the journey. Learning all the time, I was also getting hungrier to be able to make an image look exactly how my eye saw it. 

On returning to Glasgow I went back into education and studied photography for 3 years. This world of inspiration and creativity fuelled the fire and allowed me to turn my lifetime passion into a career.

I pride myself on my creative and fresh approach and make a point of having fun when I work. I realise how lucky I am to love my job and get to do something different every day. There is never a dull moment. I'm constantly striving to create great images, conceive something different, make something more interesting - be better. Frustrating at times!

Ok I think that's enough about me. On the next page there is some information on how I approach wedding photography. I'd love to have a chat about it. Get in touch via the contact form and let me know something about you and the day you have planned 




In my happy place

In my happy place

Trying to look casual

Trying to look casual